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Sat, 3 Apr 2004 09:42:25 EST

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<< Thiosulfate basically binds the chlorine and falls out of solution. This
bond can over time degrade and release the free chlorine back into the
system. It is also specific to chlorine and does little in the way of
removing chloramines and ammonia. Amquel actually causes a structural
change forming a much stronger compound. At least this is the way it was
explained to me by the guy from Kordon that spoke to one of the local clubs
a few years ago. >>

Not exactly right. Thiosulfate reduces the chlorine and chloramine to
nontoxic chloride and that is essentially irreversible under any normal conditions.
Amquel does exactly the same thing since it also contains a reactive group
similar to thiosulfate. However, thiosulfate does nothing for the ammonia released
from chloramine, whereas Amquel complexes it to form a stable, nontoxic
adduct. If you have an acid condition the ammonia released is not very toxic. If
you have an alkaline condition the ammonia is very toxic, even at the 1-2 ppm
released. I use thiosulfate plus Amquel to save money. I also rely heavily on an
inline carbon filter for my flow through water changing system.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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