RE: NANFA--list content restrictions?

Irate Mormon (
Sun, 4 Apr 2004 23:49:20 -0400

Quoting Nick Zarlinga <>:

I don't think it's necessarily that I have a negative view (now how did I get
THAT reputation?), but rather those folks who pony up for the $20 are interested
in supporting NANFA, its leadership, and its goals. For some people it is just
for A/C, but when I did my survey way back when it was obvious that those who
join only for A/C form a very small subset of the overall membership.

Plus, I believe in free stuff - open source (I use Linux and Firefox) and all
that :-) Should information be free? Probably not if somebody had to pay to
provide it, but opinions are pretty cheap.

> However, with all that said, it has been explained to me that this would be
> a logistical nightmare and a job that no one would want. So, with that, I
> guess I will let it be.

True enough.

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