Re: NANFA-- Inline carbon filter in water-changer?
Mon, 5 Apr 2004 11:13:09 EDT

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<< I am curious about your inline carbon filter in the water
changer. Is this a carbon cartridge inside a Python-type
device? >>

I have written an article for JAKA that describes it along with the rest of
my water changing system, but it won't publish for a few months. Here, briefly
is what I am doing. There are some pictures on the AKA Members gallery for
those AKA members. Here is a brief summary.
I have developed a system for automatic water changes for 110 small to medium
fish containers (1 to 10 gallon) that uses my tap water and drip irrigation
tubing and emitters to replace some of the water in each container every day.
In order to make the tap water usable, I needed to remove the chlorine and
chloramine. I do this with a carbon (Norit) filter made from a five foot length of
PVC pipe. It effectively removes the chlorine and chloramine and needs
replacement about every three to four months. I think a key is the type carbon used.
I use

NORIT PK 1-3 is a granular activated carbon, which can be used in a large
range of liquid purification applications including potable water and process
water treatment. NORIT PK 1-3 is produced by steam activation.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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