Re: NANFA-- Paddlefish?
Tue, 6 Apr 2004 19:54:00 EDT

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> Ultimately, paddlefish enthusiasts should ask themselves whether the
> benefits of keeping a paddlefish (even a captively-propagated one) are
> the costs. Do the educational/personal gains of having a paddlefish
> high mortality, high liklihood of injury, and the inevitable need for
> disposal ?
I guess it would be better for it to shipped to China for use as a food fish,
the ones I'll be getting (if I get two or three of them) will be tiny maybe
even eyed eggs. Since these fish are shipped to China I have to assume they
know how to ship them. And since it will be coming from a licensed professional
breeder (If at all) the guy does know what he is doing, he does make his living
at this. come on guys give me credit for having half a brain. If I do manage
to raise one up to anything like adult hood I hope to have a pond dug by then
big enough to keep it in. I have been reading about these fish and some
researchers have been keeping them with relative ease on pellets in vats. If it dies
nothing worse will happen to it than if it was shipped to China and fattened
for market. It's not like I am going out and catching a paddlefish from a
river where it is an endangered species. I would never do that. If another group
of people have their way some really rare sturgeon are going to be available to
the aquarium market to generate profits to breed more of them and to help
restock them into their natural environment as well as remake that environment. I
think it's a great idea because without the profits no one who is working on
the project will be paid and they will not work without pay.

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