NANFA-- banded pygmy sunfish photo requested

Nick Zarlinga (
Wed, 7 Apr 2004 16:23:00 -0400

Hi Steve, thanks for checking out NANFA. We do indeed have several people
who are a pretty good shot with a camera. I am sure that someone will be
able to oblige you. I will send your request to our list server. If there
is no one on the list that can help, I am sure that they can forward your
email to someone who can. The can contact you directly to get specific info
(and notify me). Below is some info about our organization. Please feel
free to forward it to interested parties. Thanks.

Thanks for visiting NANFA. We are a diverse group of individuals,
professionals and amatuers alike, who share an interest in the conservation,
study and captive husbandry of North America's native fish. I will forward
your request to our list server, and any responses to your inquirery will be
forwarded to you. In addition, you may receive direct correspondence from
some of our members.

The purposes of the North American Native Fishes Association are:
-to increase and disseminate knowledge about native North American
-to promote practical programs for their conservation and the
protection/restoration of their natural habitats;
-to advance the educational, scientific and conservation benefits of
captive maintenance and husbandry;
-to encourage the legal, environmentally responsible collection of
native fishes for private aquaria as a valid use of a natrual resource;

-to provide a forum for the fellowship and camaraderie among its

Membership dues are $20 per year. Benefits include:
-AMERICAN CURRENTS - a quartarly publication featurning articles and
news items on collecting, keeping, observing, conserving and breeding North
American fishes.

-REGIONAL NANFA CHAPTERS - regional groups where members may get
together to collect and discuss native fishes, remove exotics, and perform
conservation and stream restoration work.

-NEW MEMBER PACKET - An 8 page newsletter that's sent to new NANFA
members intorducing them to NANFA and to the fascinating world of
collecting, keeping and conserving North America's native fishes.

-ANNUAL CONVENTION - Where NANFA members from around the country meet
for lectures, collecting trips, raffles, auctions, fun and finship.

-GRANT FUNDING - Yearly funding available through NANFA's Gerald C.
Corcoran Educational Grant made possible by NANFA members.

In addition, we also have a list server for the discussion of native fish

For details to all this and more, go to

Happy fishing!

Nick Zarlinga
Aquarium Biologist
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
216.661.6500 ext 4485

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From: Steve Sullivan
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 4:17 PM
Subject: nanfa

I am part of a team at the Chicago Academy of Sciences working on an
exhibit about Midwestern wetlands. We need a photograph of a Banded Pygmy
Sunfish for one of our murals. Are there any NANFA photographers who have a
good shot they would be wiling to sell or donate?


Steven M. Sullivan
Collections Manager
Chicago Academy of Sciences
2430 N. Cannon Drive
Chicago IL 60614
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