RE: NANFA-- Which frozen food is most nutritous

Todd Crail (
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 12:23:59 -0700 (PDT)

Which this is an interesting concept and could explain why an otherwise healthy, robust, screamin' color orangethroat would just up and buy the farm. :)

I wonder how much variance there is between species in need for the extra fats, and who it may serve no better than super-sized french fries. It seems no amount of combination of brine, glass worms and bloodworms would prevent a greenside from diminishing in my aquaria experience. However, at the same time, I'm producing rainbow darters with "cephaphilic humps" in the same system that would make even a frontosa envious ;) My hodgepodge of species per system may not serve anyone in the best regard over the long term, independent of what my dominant food source is.

It'd be interesting to see what macrofauna are present (and their consequent nutrition factoids) at what makes an excellent "greenside/banded" locale (which they seem to be tied together in the Ohio River drainage) and what makes an excellent "rainbow/fantail" locale. If I'm encompasing this concept together well... I think there is a definate relationship there over who's the dominant grouping by locale in like habitat, in thinking back through my sampling. And I wonder what role the types of foods they recieve plays into that?

Nick Zarlinga <> wrote:
Just a caution on the mysis shrimp. Because it is so high in lipids, I
would be careful about feeding it day in and day out. I suspect that it
would quickly contribute to fatty livers, which is a leading cause of fish
deaths in captivity.
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