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Leo Arieux (
Sun, 18 Apr 2004 08:47:48 -0500

Gastropodmania wrote, "Axlerod is considered by many as the father of
the aquarium hobby in America".

NOT .... The actual father of the Aquarium hobby in America was and is
William T. Innes L.H.D. He had published Exotic Aquarium Fishes well
before Axlerod had begun his rise in the field.

Innes was not the businessman that Axlerod was and Innes was not as
concerned with getting different new fish named after him. Axlerod had a
better PR man working for him. I do not discount his Philanthropic
contributions however this does not make him the father of the hobby.
The son maybe but certainly not thr father

The first aquarium book I ever purchased was Exotic Aquarium FIshes and
most of the information is as valid today as it was then .... the latin
names have been changes on many of the fish due to the "lumpers vs
splitters" thing. This does not invalidate the value of his book. There
are many things offered in his book that would be of value today ...
just one for instance is the phonetic pronunciation of the Latin names
of fish! No one does that now.

Sorry, I get a bit disturbed when Innes contributions are discounted in
favor of Axlerod, who bought the rights to Innes' book and published it
himself,after Innes could not afford to do so. Strange for the father of
the hobby nes pas!

This is my opinion and as such I am entitled to it. There is a saying
that goes with opinions but I won't excite anyone with it.

Have a good day gentlemen and stay well,


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