Re: NANFA-- Crazy idea for ultimate pond
Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:01:24 EDT

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<< In my pond system I'll have the 60gal pre-form full of elodea as a

vegetative filter. It will flow into a 15gal streamlet pre-form (3 sections

that are approx 5gals each) filled with lava rocks. I'll probably have at

least one Japanese or Louisiana Iris in there as well. Currently the

streamlet has java moss, water iris, azolla (kept in place by a screen),

some type of fern I've found growing in the water and a couple of arrowhead

plant and pickerel weed tubers.


I note that you don't include water lilies. That is probably a good decision
since, In my experience, they do not thrive in a water recirculating system.
They seem to prefer water that is still and has a significant temperature
gradient top to bottom. On the other hand, my ponds all have three varieties of
water lilies that I have maintained since 1945. But they are the reason I have
the ponds. The fish are a bonus.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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