Re: NANFA-- Sunnies in MN

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 01:12:20 -0500

Depends where your at in MN. I don't know about the northern part of the
state, but the southern part should be along the lines of WI. Here I have
reliably and easily caught sunfish starting right about now, even colder
years. I have yet to get out, but from what I here panfish action has been
good for a couple weeks now, for sure.

Your longears would be the "northern longear" , which I think would be
better labeled the " Great Lakes Longear" since this forms range seems to
wrap around the Great Lakes. These guys will act like normal " central
longears" and be found in still areas of rocky streams. If they are not in
streams, they act like green sunfish. They hug shore in heavy cover and stay
very shallow. Could be why few turn up in surveys, they just don't act like
"normal" longears. This form also generally stays smaller than central
longears, averaging around three to four inches long. The males I have seen
are great looking, and the females are easy to tell apart. Not so with the
centrals. Females of those can be pretty colorful , and have a decent sized
ear as well.

They readily bite on worms. If the area you are fishing is a clear stream,
just look for still areas and try to lure them away from the other sunfish.
In still water that is stained or muddy, try tight to shore where green
sunfish hang out. Rip rap areas, pockets in thick weeds etc. They won't be
out deep with the bluegills, or mid way with the pumpkinseeds, at least not
in my experience.

Ray W.
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