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Just a friendly reminder (reposted from April 1st)...

>Tippecanoe Regional Outing April 30, May 1-2
>Greetings Listizens,
>Our Regional Outing in Indiana on the Tippecanoe River is quickly
>approaching. I wanted to pass along as much information as I have.
>We will be staying at Tippecanoe State Park. Directions and details can be
>found at:
>It would not hurt to go ahead and make a reservation using the Online
>Reservation form.
>I just called and confirmed that dogs are allowed on the campsites, in the
>campgrounds and surrounding park and the campers are responsible for their
>dogs. They must be on leashes at all time and not left unattended, so if
>you're coming by yourself, do not expect someone to volunteer to watch them
>or leave them in your car :) The usual stuff.
>The main day, will be on Saturday, May 1st. I have a location given to me
>by a USF&W fella who's also a NANFA member where they sampled 63 species on
>a NANFA outing back in 1986 with Dr. Page with only seines. Not bad! :)
>This site is a large riffle with a canoe access so there is plenty of
>parking. This will probably be our main locale for the day on Saturday,
>but I am going to scout other potentials on April 30th. We will just decide
>there what to do with the rest of Saturday and Sunday for those who're
>staying over etc. High water may or may not be a factor in which areas we
>work. That's always the trouble with Spring. However, with the diversity
>of habitats in this area, we will be able to find plenty of places to get
>our seines wet. Just maybe not of the large riffles where the imperilled
>diversity lives.
>My wife and I will be going up on April 29th to stay in South Bend or
>someplace along the way, so we can get there early and start to set up. I
>will do a little bit of scouting in the late morning and afternoon. I will
>be at the campsite or registration place at 6:00 pm to welcome people as
>they come in. If anyone wants to join us early on to do the scouting, that
>would be great. Please include with your email of interest if I should be
>looking for you early on that Friday.
>You can email me at or call me at
>You do not need to be a NANFA member to join us. Come one, come all! :)
>Now for the less fun stuff....
>We are also going to have some "guests" courtesy of the Indiana DNR. I am
>trying to arrange it so the officers who will be monitoring us will be part
>of the group, but I have not worked out all the details, so I'm preparing us
>all for the worst case scenario. We are going to have a chance to look at a
>lot of imperilled species, and the IDNR wants to assure 100% compliance with
>State Law. I didn't arrange this... Fortunately another NANFA member tipped
>me in so it wasn't a big suprise on site.
>This is a good chance for us to show the IDNR what opportunities they have
>with NANFA to work along side each other. I do not want to blow this. It
>is great exposure for our mission and purpose and I expect 100% compliance.
>If you have trouble with the law and authority, please rethink coming. We
>WILL be interacting with them, hopefully, in a positive light and not in an
>"Us" and "Them" kind of way. We can not decide how that is going to act
>out, so we need to assure that we're in 100% compliance in any situation.
>For a look at their regulations, hop on over to:
>The rules so stated are:
>- No State Listed animal will be removed from it's habitat. I will be
>providing a list with pictures of the species so there is no confusion.
>- I will clarify if we are allowed to put listed fish in holding tanks
>in-stream to photograph or if they need released immediately. Expect
>immediate release.
>- If you have scientific permits from IDNR, from what I understand, anyone
>doing the collecting must _also_ have a scientific permit issued by the
>IDNR. So if you feel the need to voucher listed animals on that permit
>(which I'm asking that you not :), the animals must only be sampled by
>persons having permits. People only with State Fishing Liscences can not
>touch any of the equipment you use to voucher.
>- If you're going to be _in the water_, even if you just want to watch or
>snorkel, I am asking that you have an Indiana Fishing Liscence (you are in
>essence financially supporting having a stream like this to come to! :). I
>don't think spouses on shore are going to be suspect to anything. They're
>just sitting there watching us. But as soon as a person touches the water
>with our group, they will need a liscence.
>- Liscences can be purchased online at:
>- I will be asking to see your liscence (or confirmation print) before we
>head to a site. If you do not have one, I will ask that you not be in the
>water with us, to touch any gear, touch any fish, etc etc at any location we
>as a group are travelling to. There are no exceptions. I will identify
>non-compliance to the DNR. You can always go off and do your own thing, but
>for the consistentcy of the group, I am asking that you either comply or
>stay away.
>- Centrachids are going to have to be taken by rod n reel ONLY. This is one
>of the rules we normally overlook, but we're not going to have that option
>this time. If they're watching us from the trees and not with us, I'm going
>to request that we take no Centrachids by any capture method just to avoid a
>spat or suspicion.
>- I will get clarification on Noturus.
>- All other non-game fish are legal to take home, even to put in an
>aquarium, as stated in their Regulations :)
>Phew. I really hate being this sticky (despite my recent list reputation
>;), but we're going to be held to it, and I would like for there to be zero
>suprises. Like I said, this is something that can work out as a win-win
>situation for everyone involved. We are definately going to be set to see
>some really neat critters, as I said, this stream IS the Crown Jewel of the
>Midwest. Let's follow the rules and enjoy it to it's fullest!
>I hope to hear from you and see you out there!
>It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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