NANFA-- RE: Collecting report

BG Granier (
Fri, 23 Apr 2004 12:28:02 -0500

Hi all,

Before the chickens ever awoke, I was out trying to collect some
Macrobrachium ohione, the freshwater river shrimp, at the Port Allen, LA
locks that connect the Mississippi River with the Intracoastal waterways
that funnel large tugboats and barges from Baton Rouge down to Morgan City
and other points.......

I arrived at the site at approximately 5AM and did manage to collect a few
with my Jonah's Aquarium dip net while scooping around the boat-dock. In the
glimmer of the overhead lights one can see the leading edges of the long
whiskers of their antennae sweeping the surface of the waters. These shrimp
surface at night only and with the dawn descend into deeper, darker waters
to escape the daytime predators one would suppose.

I also checked out the site for fingernail clams, but found the primary site
for them to be essentially dry and overgrown with weeds which made it
virtually impossible to make a scoop with my Jonah's Perfect Dip-Net because
of the density of terrestrial growth. Next time, I'm gonna have to bring my

Anyway, I'm raising fry of F. heteroclitus from Lee Harper and also fry of
an albino strain of F. grandis from another source and have just set up a
spawning tank for regular colored F. grandis to collect eggs for Lee Harper.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

BG Granier
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