NANFA-- Triangle Shinerscoop test today ( The Swampwolff)

R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 25 Apr 2004 11:56:31 -0500

I went for a quick run down the road today to finally try out the triangle
shiner scoop, known now as the Swampwolff. It worked great in the ditches. I
only caught two species of fish, but for being dried up until this spring,
that isn't too bad I consider. Not to mention the only way in these ditches
is through swamp from either side. Where the fish come from exactly, is a
mystery to me, since both sides are private land. Don't know what is back
there. I do know stream fish show up in these ditches once in a while. Two
summers ago they were full of largemouth bass, so there must be someones
pond back there.

The Swampwolff is a net I just got after asking BG if he could do something
different with a shinerscoop for me. I bought one of those last fall, and it
worked good. I felt though the round shape was missing out on fish tight to
the bottom, since little area actually scoured the bottom. This new design
is really something. It hugged shore line, and also worked along the bottom
as planned. In addition, the three line bridle uprights it on flat bottoms,
but a great surpise, tips the side over to the shore when working ditch
banks. I even worked it by tossing it out, and walking along the bank with
it until it was so full of gunk I could not move it. The triangle design
again proved useful. When the net started to try to ride up on shore, I just
stuck my arm straight out, twisted the rope counter clockwise a bit, and the
net rolled out deep when I resumed pulling.

Check out my web site at to see this spot
and some shots of the fish ( and gunk) I caught with the Swampwolff, the new
triangular shiner scoop by BG. I cannot wait to see what this will do at
those pygmy sunfish spots that are ditches like these.

Ray W.
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