Re: NANFA-- biological bombs detonating everywhere

Bruce Stallsmith (
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 20:47:54 EDT

I've been watching this thread with some amusement. The title "biological
bombs detonating everywhere" would lead one to think that all of these
problems, whether bass in Japan or exotics in California (in which category
I personally would lump ol' Rush...) are coming out of nowhere. In truth
they're all a more or less logical result of too many people trying to live
in places where few if any humans should live, esp. southern California. The
biological bombs is us, to paraphrase the old Pogo cartoons. We have
increasing population in much of the world, including the US, and everyone
wants to drive a BMW and go to Harvard. This won't happen, but as people
strive in this (exagerrated) direction something has to give and that's the
original ecosystem. Libertarian ideals fall short under such pressures, and
putting the iron heel to people to make them stop acting so crazy is not a
desirable outsome (or esp. efficient).

I would vote for human water use practices as the numero uno biological
bomb, whether it's Las Vegas sucking dry the intermountain West, or Turkey,
Syria and Iraq scuffling over the rights to destroy the Tigris River, or
China building huge dams/reservoirs, or... any of many other such

But gasoline is back around $1.42/gal. in the US, so we must after all be
living in paradise. YMMV, of course!

--Bruce "Negative Population Growth" Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL "The Lawnmower City" (a new nickname)

P.S. I still haven't come down with Cheney Mania.

> > **Wisconsin. I used to live in California, but escaped several years
> > It seems that no matter how screwed up you think your state is, it's
> > not as bad as California. They have some of the wierdest laws ever. So
> > serve as a perfect worst case example!
>That's probably the reason Rush Limbaugh used the term "Left Coast".
>Ironically though they deserve some measure of credit for pioneering
>sensible regulations for commercial culture of some of their native snakes
>has served as a model for other states - including Maryland and Ohio.

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