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<< As to population..... Just as an aquarium of say, twenty gallons, has a
"carrying capacity" for "X" ammount of fish, a planet of certain size also
has a carrying capacity for so many living things. Some people who do not
recognize this simple rule of thumb, and continue to live in such a manner
that demands more from the Earth, throughout their lives have probably and
unknowingly have been taught that "resources are limitless" >>

I couldn't agree with you more. this is the exact same thing that I have been
thinking for a long time now. Well put.

<< Until people get out of denial, and realize that
resources aren't limitless, we will never strike the balance many know is so
important. Food for thought.... I really get a kick out of this new "sprawl"
type superstore called Gander Mountain.... Here is a place that is promoting
spending time in the great outdoors... fish, camp, hunt, hike, etc., ....
and this place clears 20 acres of woods that I used to enjoy all of those
activities on!!!.... Also, they ruined a stream where I used to see small
fantail darters.... >>

A lot of what people don't take into account is that not only must there be
more space for a growing population to live in, there must be space to
produce food, for human industries like factories and such, and more
frivolous things such as amusement parks and fashion malls which I don't see
going away anytime in the near future. The planet is not going to magically
expand to accommodate this growth. I'm not advocating the elimination of the
human race, or saying people should go back to living in huts or communes and
not want any luxuries. That is an obvious impractical extreme. But the other
extreme is just as bad in the long run, that of the excesses of capitalism
(not capitalism itself), and the widespread belief that the resources of
this planet have no limits. Somewhere there has to be a balance, and I think
that the human race has the potential to achieve it, if they realize this and
try to conserve our resources instead of apathetically waste them. If people
realize that problems created by our disregard for the environment can
manifest themselves within our lifetime, they can take the steps to prevent

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