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Gary Rollwage (
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 08:42:40 -0500

3.raise all your> sunfish together from a small size, so they have the same scents
> imbedded in them, and are used to the population.

Boy have I learned this the hard way. Of 5 longears that I
introduced to my 125 a couple of months ago---only one male
is left. The big 2 year old male I have in there is just a wholely
terror especially to the females. Thought the tank was big enought
and I had enought cover but I think I was wrong. Coarse the temp is
in the upper 80's and probably 13 hours of daylight right now. Lost
my last female yesterday from dropsey and I am almost positive that
all my problems with disease are stress related. Live and learn.
Now my only hope for breeding is my flock of 7 eastern dollars.
When the temp drops I plan to move them from the 40 they are in
to my 75. Maybe next spring I will get lucky with these.

Sunfish should not> hurt large shiners in a school, but divert enough attention from other
> sunfish. Golden shiners work great, they are tough, and not flighty.

I've been using red shiners as dithers in my 75 with the dollar I got
from you. By it is sort of silly since they are the only fish in the
tank. The dollar really hates them and usually keeps them pinned to
one corner. Reds are a "dime a dozen" around here. But to me they
are a little too nervous but they also clean up any scraps of food
that are around.

"Skittish dither fish are worthless, they either cause more
aggression, or get there butts kicked because they are easy marks and
1ook like they need a whoopin'". RAy

This cracked me up!!!!
My shiners are like that but no other fish can catch them---

Gary Rollwage

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