NANFA-- blue-green algae problem in display tank: h*lp needed
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 11:21:52 EDT

My Adopt-A-Tank at the library still has what I believe to be a Blue-Green
algae problem. I've done weekly 50% water changes, added no fertilizer,
thrown away infected plants and it comes right back. Saturday I did a 60%
water change and cleaned all the glass; by yesterday afternoon it had grown
back three inches up the side of the tank and is now growing on the gravel.
Lots of plants are doing great and I don't think having six fish in a 29
gallon aquarium to have too large of a bio-load. Lots of indirect natural
light as well as a double florescent bulb left on 10 hours per day.

As I understand it, Blue-Green Algae is actually a bacteria infestation of
some sort. Guess I will have to resort to some sort of antibiotic.
Suggestion needed and appreciated.

One of the reasons I suspect it has not been yet contained is that I suspect
the staff is overfeeding the fish. One of the reasons I think they do this
is they are afraid the single darter is not able to compete with the larger
and quicker other natives for the food. Guess I will have to threaten them
with Robert Rice's suggestion of only feeding the fish twice a week.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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