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<< Wishful thinking, Moon! I don't think the laws are the contraining
factor, as most tropical hobbyists don't know (or care) what the
laws are in their states.


I think quite a few people would chose native fish over tropicals if given
the chance. I have several buddies that are hard core fishermen. They admire
my tanks because of the natives I keep. Some of them wish they could keep
bass in an aquarium and would (so they say) if they could do so legally. Some
others are consistently trying to talk me out of my fish and a very few
actually help me catch fish and skim a few fish as payment for rides to where
the little fish are (I can't drive) I personally like to mix natives and
tropicals (I know burn me at the stake) because there are unique fish from
all over the world that interest me. Temperature preferences sometimes make
that difficult but not as much as most people think. I wouldn't think of
telling someone they can't keep a large fish, large fish if kept under the
right conditions (especially catfish) can be great pets. In NC all NC native
fish, game fish included can be sold in a pet shop. Game fish must come from
a certified hatchery but non-game fish can be caught by someone with the
right permits and sold to pet shops. Most petshops are very cautious about
doing this because most people don't know it's legal and the DNR doesn't
advertise the legality of it. Also the shop won't pay enough to make catching
natives worthwhile thinking if it's native it must be easy to catch and
therefore dirt cheap, even though they pay good money to wholesalers for
native fish they don't know are native because the wholesalers don't tell
them they are native. Mollies, gar, channel cats, and flounders come to mind


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