Re: NANFA-- bryozoans
Tue, 22 Aug 2000 21:30:10 EDT

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Wow, that's wierd; I didn't really have much trouble removing my bryozoan.
Yours must be really tough! I'm thinking that maybe a specimen which was
allowed to be still attached to its substrate might have a better chance of
survival in an aquarium. I took mine off of its leaf substrate and it kinda
fell apart and lost some of its distinctive shape resembling a brain coral;
it kinda just looked like gray goo after that. It also floated around and
wouldn't really stay anchored to the bottom very well.Mine was only the size
of a golf ball, too. That may be why it wasn't as tough and was easier to
The ones I am finding here are very hard and except for the covering of
polyps is completely clear. Even the small ones are hard and difficult to
remove from their substrate. Also exposure to the sun seems to make for more
robust and spherical growth. I don't see any sign of algae growing in the
mass but in the aquarium snails love to eat the polyps off the surface of the
clear jelly.


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