Re: NANFA-- biological bombs detonating everywhere
Wed, 2 Aug 2000 17:23:28 EDT

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Ty_Hall_at_eFunds.Com writes:

<< Here's what I want. Sensible laws. I know....that's asking for a lot. I
want to see laws that promote the easy keeping of native fishes and or
fishes that cannot become invasive and make it difficult to keep fish that
can become invasive. Additionally I would like to see laws that ensure that
fish are treated humanely. If you want a Pacu, get a permit, prove you have
a 1000 gallon tank and you can care for the fish. I guess the same laws
could be applied to other pets and I would love to see it. I'm sick of
idiots causing problems for responsible pet owners and the environment. Pet
ownership is a privilege and not a right.
Those are some great points, Ty! Wish I had some good answers for you. There
are some great people in some of the state and federal agencies that deal
with laws governing fish keeping. There are some real duds too! Same goes for
the aquarium industry. Many of the current laws do have some merrit, but some
don't....particularily some of the ones you brought up. Wish I could say I
forsee them changing. Maybe NANFA could start a letter writing campaign!

I watched well meaning people and organizations try to institute self
regulation in the aquarium industry (mostly geared toward marine fish
keeping). Then I heard the industry shoot them down! They fought with
everything they had against such regulation. One day, it will come back to
bite them I suspect in the form of federal laws!

So, I don't know....I guess we just keep on keeping on and do what we
do....appreciate native fishes.


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