Re: NANFA-- Geen Sunfish & Sex

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 22:27:50 -0700

Greens are hard to sex. Since your fish has bright colors, it is most
certainly a male, as adult and sub adult females are genrerally more drab.
The only sure way is to check the urigenital openings. If these are nearly
the same size, then it is a female, if one is much smaller than the other,
it is a male. This may be hard to do to a pet fish, since it needs to be
netted and handeled. Another thing would be to wait until it is atleast two
years old, then raise the temps to 76 atleast, but no more than 81 dgrees,
at the same time lengthen the lights on period to atleast 15.5 hours aday.
A male green will most likely dig a nest, while a female will of course not.
Green sunfish regardless of origin will spawn easily in an aqurium without
wintering, so the nest method should work. Good luck!


> Does anyone know how I can determine the gender of my green sunfish. It's
> maybe a year and a half old now and is bright and colorful. I have no
> what I should be looking for to determine gender.

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