Re: NANFA-- turkey baster

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 10:33:24 -0700

I use the turkey baster for all the reasons already mentioned, plus feeding
paramecium and euglena cultures to my tanks. For more delicate and smaller
jobs I use a eye dropper.
Here are some other things I use alot:
bamboo skewer- pick worms from worm cultures, stick food itmes on too feed
herps and did use them to feed pirate perch non living foods/worms when I
had them.
tongs ( these are bamboo too, but any kind would work)- holding things I
dont want skewed, grabbing things out of reach off the bottom.
A set uf measuring cups and spoons : for medicine, water to egg containers,
culture media measureing
Used plastic jugs with screw on lid: hold salt, brine eggs, small portions
of bulk dry foods, brine shrimp hatchery
oleo and sour cream containers: egg incubation for killifish, containers for
small cultures
plastic shoe boxes: larger cultures, raising fry and baby salamanders and
geckos seperatly, holds net while I siphon baby brine and catches the water
plastic sweater boxes: hold feeder minnows, shrimp, quaratine tank, cricket
plastic 55 gallon drums and garbage cans: to age water for aquariums and
make to the right make up ( add salt for brackish, peat/oak leaf solution
for blackwater)
plastic cross stitch "cloth" screen: dividers on small tanks, can be sewn
together with yarn to make isolation traps
egg crating: dividers for large tanks
flourescent light lenses: cut to size for lids up 15 gallon tanks, use stick
on plastic hooks for handles
Large plastic scoop: gravel scoop
kitty litter scoop: sift gravel, get little bits of gravel out of corners
that large scoop misses, clean lizard bedding
yarn: spawning mops for killis, these mops also are used by other egg
I think that covers most of my "adapted" tools.These are the ones I use most
often anyways.

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