NANFA-- August Trading Post
Sun, 5 Aug 2001 16:38:57 EDT

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LEGAL INFORMATION: NANFA assumes that all sales or trades of
native fish are done in full compliance with applicable state and
federal laws, rules and regulations and only after obtaining any
necessary permits for collecting, maintaining, importing or exporting
of native fish.

ANDY BORGIA, PO Box 4346 Key West,Florida 33041 I-305-294-8739
Can Get- Marine tropicals/Herps-Lucania parva, L.goodei, Fundulus
confluentus, Fundulus similis,F.grandis,Poecilia latipinna,Floridichthys
.Wants spotted gar,lampreys,western minnows, redhorses, madtoms, Fundulus
bifax, Ozark bass,darters
Call or e-mail for trade only I don't sell fish.


John Brill, 61 Brookside Ave., Livingston, NJ 07039, 973-533-1397,

Have: Wild specimens available in Spring: Fundulus heteroclitus, F. luciae,
Cyprinodon variegatus, Lucania parva, Enneacanthus chaetodon, E. obesus, E.
gloriosus, Aphredoderus sayanus, Etheostoma fusiforme, and other associated
Atlantic Coast estuarine species and Eastern Coastal Plain fishes. Contact
for more info. For trade only; no sales.

Also have April, 1978 through September/October, 1981 Lateral Line, plus 4
earlier untitled isuues (missing January 1981 & August 1978). $30.00
postpaid. Be aware that this early NANFA newsletter is not similar to
American Currents. These were thin, c. 5.5"x8.5" publications dealing with
club news, trading post, etc., albeit with occasional sustantive articles or
news items. These are primarily of historical interest to NANFA members and
collectors of publications. They look their age, but are clean and have been
well kept. No foxing or mildew.

Want: Fundulus bifax, F. confluentus, F. stellifer, F. grandissimus, F.
persimilis, F. rathbuni, F. seminolis, Cyprinodon ceciliae, C. higuey, C.
meeki, C. rubrofluviatilus, C. nazas, C. atrorus, plus any Yucatan species
except beltrani, Floridichthys polyommus.
Ken McKeighen Jr. 46 Cuerro Lane Los Lunas, NM 87031
Available-Fish art work. Dozens of species available from all North American
families done in water colours, acrylic on canvas, hand painted T-shirts and
Prices below:
Water colours 5''x7"......$25 each
" " 8''x10''.....$50 each
Scientific style-3 to 4 fish 5''x7''...$25 each
'' '' 8''x10''..$40 each
Acrylic on canvas 5''x7''..$35 each
'' '' '' 8''x10''..$50 each
'' '' ''9''x12''.........$75 each
Hand painted T-shirts-small, medium, large and Xtra large...$50 each
(2 or more....$45 each)
Hand painted ball caps....$12 each
Postage is included in price. Lot discounts available. All art work is
original, hundreds of fresh and marine species available!
Wanted-Elassoma species, Enneacanthus chaetodon, Lepomis humilus, Etheostoma
whipplei, E. radiosum, E.caeruleum, Lamprey ammocoetes, Shovelnose sturgeon,
any Hiodonsp., Phoxinus oreas, Chologaster cornuta
Available for trade-Cyprinodon fontinalis, and Plancterus zebrinus (Sitting

Bull Falls,NM),5''x7'' watercolours.
please write do not have e-mail or handy access to a telephone


Ray Wolff 6510 Helke Rd., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Winter Collecting Video 2001
This video covers collecting methods, different species of fish commonly
caught during the Winter period, and also some fun that can be had while
collecting during the Winter.
Join Matt and Ray as they guide you through collecting in the most trying
time of the year,Winter.
They show you how to catch fish, what places to check, and how to sample them.
Packed with pictures of fish and scenery, this video is sure to get you out
in the Winter, so dress warm and head out to the water.
$15 including postage.
BG Granier 608 Maureen Drive, Baker, Louisiana 70714 225-775-6400
Available Fish.
Fundulus chrysotus-$5 pair
F.notti-$7 pr
F. grandis $7.00 pr *
F.euryzonus$20 pr
Fpulvareus-$10 pr *
F.catenatus-$10 pr
F.olivaceus-$7 pr
F.similis-$10-pr *
F.blairae-$7 pr
Adinia xenica-$10 trio *
Heterandria formosa $5.00 trio
Lucania parva- $10 trio *
Cyprinodon variegatus- $7 trio *
USA only, pay shipping and return my box. Trades welcome for WHY
Home video taken of wild fishes, turtles,dragonflies and aquatic

The tape features three types of shiners, but also shows many other species
of aquatic life, including a musk turtle and damselflies among the varied
habitats of creeks of three states.... Alabama,Arkansas and Louisiana.
The first segment depicts the species_Notropis chrosomus_in the act of
spawning over a bluehead chubs nest, while the second segment features the
captive spawning of this beautiful species in the tank of David Jones.
The next segment of the tape shows many male and female Redfin shiners
congregating around the outflow of a backwater creek in Arkansas, the males
are all in spawning colour.
Lastly, a creek in Louisiana with a good population of the Bluenose shiner,
and several shots of the sunfish beds that they spawn over as nest associates
of the longeared sunfish.
$7.50 per tape......(the US Postal Service just increased their rates)
Bill Hoppe
2315 MC 2027
Yellville Ar . 72687

live food cultures

White worms 1 culture $6.00 3 cultures $13.00

Grindle worms 1 culture $6.00 3 cultures $13.00

Micro worms 1 culture $4.50 3 cultures $10.00

Vinegar eels / Micro eels 1 culture $4.50--3 $10.00

Water fleas - Daphnia pulax 1 culture $7.00--3 $14.00
Daphnia magna " " " "
Moina species 1 culture $9.00--3 $19.00

packing/shipping Priority Mail 1 Culture $5.00 --each
additional culture + $2.50

Sorry I cant take credit cards.
Personal checks will cause delays in shipping.
Postal Money Orders are best/fastest turnaround.
Patrick Vinas
770-704-5005 (ET zone)


Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio).Small ones wild caught (No koi).

Can get:

Darters, Shiners, Suckers, Sunfish and anything from Atlanta, GA north to
Tennessee and west to Alabama.

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advertising chair person Peter Unmack at PO Box 1454, Tempe AZ 85280


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/"Unless stated otherwise, comments made on this list do not necessarily
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