Re: NANFA-- Complete Set of AC's

Bruce Stallsmith (
Sat, 11 Aug 2001 21:58:10 -0400

> > The whole idea of scanning and compiling AC is an excellent one, but
> > one that is more daunting than at first apparent.
>Yes, it's a huge project. There are thousands of pages!
> > The big question is how to set up a searchable index on the disk,
>Another problem with doing an index is how to deal with name changes. Is
>that Salmo gairdneri or Oncorhynchus mykiss? Hybopsis monachus, Cyprinella
>monacha or Erimonax monachus? Squawfish or pikeminnow? etc. etc. etc.
> > The other possible sticking point is copyright; in NANFA we haven't made
> > people sign over copyright for their writing, so strictly speaking every
> > author--living, dead, or MIA--would have to agree in writing to be
>My talks with a copyright lawyer seemed to indicate that while NANFA does
>not "own" the articles, it does own the anthology (i.e., the magazine) in
>which they appeared. And since the CD would be a faithful reproduction of
>the anthology, our anal fins are covered.
>Bruce, do you know if the ACA and AKA tracked down every author, or of they
>have authors sign over their submissions?
>Chris (not a lawyer) Scharpf

I'm not sure what either group has done about copyright. I wrote an article
for JAKA and never signed a copyright release. But now I remember that the
"anthology" rule exists, so we would probably be covered by that as long as
the format is essentially identical.