NANFA-- Anybody still around?

Sharon Allsup (
Sun, 26 Aug 2001 12:23:53 -0400

> Any folks on the list who couldn't make it to the convention like me?

Yup. We (husband and myself) have been moving over the last
month. Still in pack, unpack and "do you remember what box XYZ
is in?" mode. I figured it would not be good for marital harmony to
disappear for a weekend. That was the same excuse I used when
missing the Sipsey collecting trip. Unpacking has been slowed
down because we have a litter of kittens to socialize. They were
found under our porch (at the old house) while moving, and were
1000% little wild spitfires. Luckily when they're that little (about 4
weeks old) it's just a matter of two or three good meals before
they're little purrballs begging for tummy rubs. Now that they're
weaned from the bottle and old enough to place in homes, I'm
playng with them (the real meaning of "socializing kittens") a
couple of hours a day (then have to spend time playing with the
adult cats we already had so they don't feel jealous).

Sorry to be so long-winded. Anyone want a kitten? :)

The new place is in the woods and has a bit of Dog River frontage
(not visible from the house due to trees), but no creeks that I was
able to find. Need to get permission of the neighboring landowner
and rummage through his acres. I haven't had a chance to check
out the river and see what's there other than mosquitos by the
million. Anyone in this area care to come by, collect for your home
and tell me what's there? :) [this is about halfway between Atlanta
and the Alabama state line]

What are you doing to relieve the pain of not being able to make
the convention? I'm socializing kittens (o horrible fate!) and
planning where a small pond will go.

Sharon Allsup
Winston, GA (about 35 miles W of Atlanta)

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