NANFA-- NANFA 2001 highlights

Christopher Scharpf (
Sun, 26 Aug 2001 23:09:06 -0400

in no particular order:

* Roger Thoma's talk on Lake Erie fishes

* Roger Thoma's talk on Ohio crayfishes and shrimps, especially his "toilet
plunger" method of extracting crawdads from their pits

* Roger Thoma's video of redhorse sucker sex (which, unfortunately I missed,
but from all accounts was a groundbreaking work of staggering genius)

* the surprise birthday party for me in Cabin 16 (why I missed the video).
(Note: If you weren't invited, it was probably because Stephanie found it
nearly impossible to invite people without me knowing about it. Thanks to
Janet Bock for buying the cake and beer.)

* The Salt Creek farmer (first name Bruce) who gave up some of his cropland
in order to rebuild the creek's riparian zone, and is setting an example for
other nearby farmers to do the same

* John, David and Gary from the United Kingdom, who gave the convention an
international flavor. (Me: "John, what do you like about America?" John:
"Everything. I 'ate blo'ee England. I'm never going back!"

* seeing my first sand darter

* finding trout perch in Hocking Hills Park, reportedly the first time this
species has been seen in the Park

* fried chicken Thursday, fried chicken Friday, fried chicken Saturday

* Ken-in-the-Desert wearing a tie

* the bottomless keg o' beer

* Phil Nixon as the Mighty Auctioneer

* meeting John Bondhus (NANFA's founder)

* downing Texas Shiners with Rob Denkhaus

* the Park ranger visiting Cabin 9 twice because of the noise, first time
because we were laughing too loudly with the cabin's windows open after
midnight, second time because Casper's snoring could be heard several cabins

* Heather Muller sheepishly not telling her Dad she was the reason why her
Dad's van's battery had gone stone cold dead at Pine Creek

* Rob Carillio's Water Shed exhibit

* watching Mike Wolfe shake down latecomers for their registration fees

There were many others. All in all, a fabulous weekend. I'm exhausted.
Everybody had a great time and NANFA made some money (more on that later as
all receipts are counted.)

Thank you, Rob Carillio!

Chris Scharpf

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