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Subject: Captive-bred fish (was RE: NANFA-- Carillio in the news)

> If this hobby ever gets as popular as the tropical fish
> hobby, then it could very well contribute to a decline.
> So, how popular do you want NANFA to become?

Of course, I and others have raised this concern before.

> In a conversation with a Forest Service official a
> few months ago, she mentioned that some biologists
> are anti-collecting, that they believe that wild
> animals should be left in the wild

I have thought about this for a long time, and I have come to the conclusion
that the "look but don't touch" attitude that is more and more prevalent is
doing conservationists a disservice. If we humans are not allowed to
actualy enjoy our natural heritage, then why the hell should we care about
protecting it? The biologists who promote this pont of view are certainly
not depriving themselves - but they feel that if you're not part of the club
then you shouldn't be allowed to play.

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