RE: NANFA-- Carillio in the news

Jay DeLong (
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 11:12:09 -0700

> Jay... that's just what I see as well... I mean, as developement rips up
> habitat, how can we have the fish??.. Yet developers are hardly EVER held
> accountable for the damage they cause, because to speak out
> against it seems
> to be sacreligious! It's a mind set that has been around since Thomas
> Jefferson... How archaic!

Now, Rob, be realistic :-) The people on our continent (and worldwide) who
believe that protecting species from extinction, conserving natural systems
and maintaining biodiversity (i.e., that nature has an intrinsic value that
transcends its value as a resource to be owned and exploited) are a
minority. The developers themselves aren't the cause of the problem. Here
in the US, we have a dominant ownership and exploitative mentality based on
certain human value systems-- Western religions, politics and economics.
Try to objectively discuss any of these with a proponent and you'll see how
fixed they are as Truths in people's minds :-) I've said it before and
here it is again: Stop telling people what to think and teach them how to
think (problem-solving, critical-thinking methods, etc).

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA
"You go into a community and they will vote 80 percent to 20 percent in
favor of a tougher Clean Air Act, but if you ask them to devote 20 minutes a
year to having their car emissions inspected, they will vote 80 to 20
against it.  We are a long way in this country from taking individual
responsibility for the environmental problem."
~William D. Ruckelshaus, former EPA administrator in Nixon Administration,
New York Times, 30 November 1988

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