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<< Anyway, I've been talking too much-- time to shut up. (The applause is
I have seen so many unique fish habitats disappear under golf courses and
housing developments around here I no longer have any qualms about
collecting. At least in my aquariums and ponds they don't get covered by
dirt! It's criminal and the so called environmental laws supposed to prevent
it are a joke. I hear in the news about people complaining that wetlands
protection laws keep them from using their land, well around here no one
seems to have any problem getting around any and all laws protecting anything
but a golf course. Watering golf courses have even caused peoples wells to go
dry and nothing is done. It's all hail the tourist industry and the almighty
dollar and to hell (or dry land) to plants and animals that require wetlands.

You see me now a Veteran of a Thousand Physic wars
All the scars are on the inside,
I'm really not sure there's anything left of me!

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