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>I was under the impression that the highway was well downstream of the
>confluence of Coldwater Spring Run and Dry Creek- and Dry Creek is screwed
>up anyway from Anniston Army Depot. The recharge area of Coldwater spring
>was recently acquired by the State Lands Division under the Forever Wild
>program, and should be relatively safe. In addition, the Anniston Water Dept
>has signed a cooperative agreement with US Fish and Wildlife Service to
>protect the fish, and have done a commendable job in keeping the spring
>clean- since people are drinking the water as well, there's more to lose
>from pollution. As for the roadside trash, that's just a reminder that
>you're in Alabama.
>I have a manuscript in preparation on the pygmy sculpin that contains
>population estimates made by Bob Stiles which put the number of sculpins at
>somewhere between 15,000 and 25,000 individuals. They're very abundant in
>their tiny range, and barring a catastrophic accident at the Depot, they're
>probably safe. The scientific name recently changed from Cottus pygmaeus to
>Cottus paulus, just in case you're interested.
>I'm surprised that you've snorkeled with them- the spring is well guarded,
>and the Water Board discourages folks from mucking about in the spring
>run... but they are really beautiful little sculpins, aren't they!
>> >Hello all, I am not an expert on fish or endangered wildlife, but I know
>>when something needs to be done! I live near a small creek in Northeast
>>Alabama that is the only home of the elusive Pygmy Sculpin (Cottus
>>pygmaeus). Recently, a four lane highway was built parallel to Coldwater
>>Creek, allowing loads and loads of trash and pollutants into the water.
>>These fish are beautiful and fascinating, and are a part of my everyday
>>life. I swim with them and observe them almost every day, and I will not
>>see them die out! Please inform me of ow to get something done about this
>>careless killing of an endangered species!!
>> > Sincerely, Jon Hanson
>David A. Neely
>Biodiversity and Systematics
>Box 870345
>The University of Alabama
>Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0345
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