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That's what I thought, but I wasn't sure. So we're talking "food coloring"
compared to "pancake batter" right?

The farmers: I'm starting to see no-till and at least grass buffer zones (of
course they mow it) along ditches and streams have like a 1 tree width
"riparian" area. So somebody has talked to them, or they talked amongst

The Industries: Well, in Ohio it's GM, JohnsManville, Campbells Soup all
conveniently located for their water. And after I read the OEPA and their
ineffectiveness to regulate big business... I sigh deep sighs. Especially
after the OEPA had released earlier this year that they were applying for
Megafund monies because the river is still listed as a toxic hotspot (Read:
Don't eat the fish and don't drink that water!) and they didn't have any money
to combat that. Wether that's clean up or lawyer money, I'm not really sure.

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You can't treat tannins and sediment runoff the same. The problems with
sedimentation from agriculture, development, etc, are only slightly from the
increased load and turbidity. The real problems are from the effects on the
stream bed-- these small particles fill in spaces in the substrate needed to
support invertebrate life, fish spawning, fry protection, etc. So shake
that fist and wave that finger if the person causing the problems knows
better but refuses to do anything differently.
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