NANFA-- Mussel Huntin' In The Clinch

Bob Culler (
Mon, 05 Aug 2002 23:36:13 -0400

Hello all,

I took the opportunity today to visit a Nature Conservancy mussel preserve
on the Clinch River at Cleveland, VA. This was a field trip offered through
the Virginia Highlands Festival. We saw probably 15 or so species of
mussels in one short stretch of riffle there.

I probably spent more time looking at the fish while snorkeling. Big
surprise! ;) I saw whitetail shiners, TN shiners, telescope shiners (?) big
stonerollers, tangerine darters, TN snubnose darters, a greenside darter,
northern hogsuckers, smallmouth bass, and a couple other small unidentified
fishes. Visibility was not that good because of the scattered storms over
the area the past week or so.

The biggest surprise came after I got home. I was sitting down to the
computer when I heard something scrape across my shirt collar. When I
reached up to see what it was, a rather disturbed hellgramite fell into my
lap! After my initial shock, I scooped him up and put him in my aquarium.

Ranger Bob
Kingsport, TN
"The power of humans to degrade the natural world is awesome; the
capability to reconstitute it later is mythical."
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