Crail, Todd (
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 15:33:51 -0400


Don't ever go down to the Walleye-fest on the Maumee. People dump stuff
everywhere. Bird-nests from their reels (which are seriously damaging), pop
containers, cigarette butts float on by. I've politely asked people before to
just stick their garbage inside their waders and carry it out, which isn't a
big deal to do and the usual reply is "Look around you. Why would I do
anything different than anyone else?"

In fact I saw in a friends marketing book about how an Ad Council's "give a
hoot don't pollute" was negative marketing because everyone saw pictures of
trashed up nature. It was negative marketing in that humans seem to *love* to
imitate, and since they were shown that nature is already a great place to
dump waste, they might as well.

So I just take my little zip lock for all my unwanted waste and do some
fishin' instead of being too conscious about what everyone else is doing.

Of course, these are the same people who'll belly hook (snag) a large female
walleye, put it on the stringer underwater so like no one knows what they're
doing, and then pick it whoopin' and hollerin' about the big fish they just
caught. How sporting! My patience gets thin then. If it gets too thin, I
just go home because there's no need to get shot over it. Then I'd really be
ineffective ;)


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From: Robert Carillio

We do what we can. I would just love, if ONE time, I could catch someone
dumping crap in a stream...
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