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Thu, 8 Aug 2002 21:51:30 -0500

Rob C. wrote:

> Yeah.. I
> ve seen that too, Moon.. it's a shame, isn't it?.. Well, this
> stream isn't
> like that, thank goodness, but if we see cans.. bottles and
> such, it always
> makes NANFA look good to the property owner to try and leave
> it better than
> we found it. At least in terms of aesthesics... We do what
> we can. I would
> just love, if ONE time, I could catch someone dumping crap in
> a stream...

The Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge is located along the West Fork of the
Trinity River. Every year we have 1-2 river clean-ups. During the past ten
or so years, we have removed around 6,000 tires plus untold amounts of other
trash from the river. It's pretty amazing and people are always commenting on
how clean the waters of the Refuge are. Unfortunately, the next big rain
brings down a ton more crap.

Regarding actually witnessing someone dumping in the water... I vividly
remember an event of my youth where my brother (10 years older than me) and I
were spending the day at Lake Lewisville (in the Dallas-Fort Worth area). We
watched a guy standing waist deep off shore finish his beer and then toss the
bottle into the water. My brother, not known for his environmental ethic but
generally a thoughtful and good human being, waded out into the water to
retrieve the bottle. The offending young lad was just heading back towards
his lady friend on shore when my brother heaved the bottle as hard as he could
at the offender's a$$. The bottle, which had managed to fill to about half
full before my brother picked it up, was a direct hit and the resulting
"thump" resounded along the beach. The litterbug was knowcked off his feet
but jumped up quickly only to come face to face with my brother, a 250 pound
body builder, who said, "You don't litter in my lake." He made the guy clean
up every bit of debris along a 100 yard stretch of beach. It was quite a show
and I was immensely proud of my brother.

Rob Denkhaus
Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge
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