NANFA-- P.Oed. at litter bugs

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 10 Aug 2002 00:46:21 -0500

> in the near words of robert plant....
> paadle on... oh git git git oh gone... sing my song...

Going round the world gotta find that litter bug... Gonna ring his gong
On my way, been ten years to the day.. Gonna ring his gong

This litter bug stuff really ticks me off. The cans were full when they
carried them in, they are certainly a lot easier to carry them out empty. I
go home with a cooler with all my cans in , plus those of idiots and their
rat nests of fishing line, etc. Cans are worth money for crying out loud.
Plus, private owned fishing holes will not be open to the public for long
when these knotheads wreck it for everyone else. I have had one of my
favorite spots on the marsh shut down because some really stupid
knuckleheads actually brought full bags of garbage and left them on the bank
when they were fishing. Something as illegal, but atleast not as bad
morally would be to sneak the bags into a dumpster down town at night. We
have it happen where I work all the time, I used to report it, but hated
making the cops dig through the trash for evidence, and figured it was
better than these bags being down by the river , or out in the marsh where I
go fishing.
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