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Mon, 12 Aug 2002 20:55:52 EDT

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I don't think anyone initially means to single out a certain group of
individuals as to littering the stream. Somethimes it may sound that way,
but when I eluded to many anglers littering, I am only going by personal
observation time and time again. >>
I know what you mean, I really get burned up when an angler leaves his
refrigerator or washing machine in the creek when he leaves ;-) My cousin has
spent the last five years or so cleaning up a small stream on his property.
he is lucky in that he owns the entire water shed of this small stream. I bet
he has removed tons of stuff and every time it rains more appears. we were
checking out some stream erosion last time i was there and we found that the
stream is consistently exposing old trash that was buried as the stream bed
moves from side to side in the valley. some of the trash is from more than
100 years ago and dates back to when the house he lives in was built. so even
cleaning up a stream and never littering again doesn't mean you won't find
more trash as time goes on. It is really revealing to see the layers of trash
from decades ago slowly being exposed by the stream as it meanders along.

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