NANFA-- snorkle video
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 21:52:12 EDT

nick and those interested...
i would really like to strap a video device to my mask ala letterman's late
night snorkle cam.
very, very expensive gear and a whole new attitude. great patience and long
hours. the master is bill roston and he has the gear. stunning work.
how did folks like nancy's work? i met her here when she gave a talk with her
videos. she presented them one evening at the tn aquarium several, several
months ago. by golly im the one that introduced her and her hubby martin to
nanfa and urged bob m to get her for the big mi show. i remember her video of
the grindal bowfin herding along its young. she seemed to be far more focused
on the game fish and big guys... i think myself and nanfa have now sparked
her interest and focus on the intricates... shiners, darters, dace and such.
i look forward to seeing more of her work. did she offer any videos for sale?
ive gotten a nice digital of late and would like to do some underwater stills
such as the tangerines this past weekend. but really, sometimes one fusses
with the gear so much they miss the vision. it takes great skill and focus
and time to capture excellent video. my hats off to them.
as for keeping reports i do ok... i need to download the nanfa site recording
blank sheet for documentation. i keep a journal i handwrite in while on the
road, the posts i share and some more elaborate works i edit endlessly.
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