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> Okay, as an aquarists who has never ordered reprints but is willing to put
> forth the effort to try, how do I go about doing it? I'd like to get my
> hands on those articles.
> Travis Haas
> Hazel Green, WI

Go to your library, and locate the article you want through a data base or
in a journal. To order a reprint, if your library does not have the
journal, ask the interlibrary loan department of the library to obtain a
copy of the article for you. Or, determine the author's address (it will
probably be listed as a part of the header for the article, or with the
abstract if you found the article in an index), and send a note to the
author requesting a copy. If the author's address is not readily available,
but his or her affiliation is with a university or a museum, the address can
probably be gotten from the institution's web page. If you are not
affiliated with some research or educational organization on whose
letterhead you can send your request, then explain your reason for needing
the article, since authors usually have a limited supply of reprints. Many
authors are quite willing to send reprints in response to email requests,
also. Of course, if your library has the journal, you can simply photocopy
the article, so long as you are within copyright guidelines.

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