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Thu, 15 Aug 2002 15:42:54 -0400

Hi All

I get the privilege of hanging out with the Ohio NANFAns this weekend while
I'm visiting my daughter in Dayton. Messrs. Binkley, Zarlinga, & Carillio
have kindly put together a collecting trip on very short notice. Mark said
it was okay to issue a general invitation, so now y'all are invited as
well. Please contact Mark Binkley if you plan to come along at Here's the paste of his original message:

Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA



Our esteemed NANFA Regional Rep from Georgia, Steven Ellis will be visiting
Ohio this Saturday, 8-17-2002, and would like to see the fishes he missed
during the convention in Hocking Hills. So, in recognition of his devoted
service to NANFA, and just because he's a good guy, we are organizing a
fishing trip in his honor. Here's the plan:

9:30 am Saturday -- Meet at the Mad River where it is crossed by Lippincott
Rd. This is in Champaign County, north of Urbana OH. From Dayton, take Rt
68 north, thru Urbana. Lippincott Rd is about 6 miles north of the center
of Urbana (from Rt 36 intersection). Turn left/west on Lippincott. You
will cross Macochee Ditch and then reach the Mad River about 3 miles from
Rt 68. Hopefully, there will be a place to pull off near the bridge. The
Mad is a popular trout fishing stream, so it shouldn't be a problem to park
wherever there is sufficient shoulder. We will look for redside and
southern redbelly dace here. We will also likely find tonguetied minnows,
a state endangered species. If this spot is not productive, we may go
north to Sullivan Road where it crosses the Mad.

Next, we will likely go to the upper Little Darby Creek west of
Mechanicsburg. From the Mad site, go south to Urbana. Take Rt 36/29 east
toward Mechanicsburg. Follow Rt 29 when they split. Go thru the "town" of
Mutual. The Little Darby will be a tiny, barely visible stream just
before you reach Mechanicsburg. Don't know what the parking will be.
Likely just road shoulder. There is another tiny ditch before you reach
the Little Darby, so don't get confused. We will look for orangethroat
darters here.

If the Little Darby Creek doesn't yield the orangethroats, we will go to
Yellowbud Creek at Ebenhack Road. We may go there either way just to check
it out. Here's the directions: It's west of Circleville, so I guess, take
Rt 68 south to Rt 35 south/east. Then take Rt 35 to Rt 22 north/east.
Take Rt 22 to Rt 104 south. Go thru Westfall, then look for Dungan Rd
before you reach the town of Yellowbud. Dungan Rd is about 6 miles south
of Rt 22 via 104. Go right/west on Dungan Rd. Look for Ebenhack Road on
the left/south. The crossing with Yellowbud Creek is very close to Dungan

After this, we could check out several other places if there is time and

In Darbydale, you can rent a canoe and go down the Big Darby, collecting
along the way. The livery will pick you up a few miles downstream.

Deer Creek at Westfall Rd is nearby and has bluebreast, tippicanoe (both
state threatened) and
variegate darters.

Deer Creek at Rt 104 has those darters and flathead cats.

We can look for different places too.

Let me know if you plan to come or if you want any last minute updates.
Bring an Ohio fishing license, bucket, cooler and net if you want to keep
fish. If you don't have a net, there will be extras available.

See you in the creek!

Mark Binkley
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