NANFA-- RE: nanfa V1 #1377 - Caviar vs. Cocaine???

Bob Sinclair (
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 22:10:54 -0700


At the risk of being criticized for keeping this string going, I think it's
and pointless that you're drawing a comparison between an extremely expensive
FOOD, and an extremely expensive and extremely dangerous addictive chemical

While a love for fine caviar definitely can do damage to one's bank account, I've
never heard of anyone becoming addicted to caviar, let alone dying from consuming

I am troubled by the threat to the Caspian sturgeon species (reportedly the result
of illegal fishing, by the way, since - again reportedly - fishing for sturgeon and
production of caviar is tightly licensed and controlled by the Russian and Iranian
governments). I feel that if I am to make an impression on this or anything else,
I should first try to learn a bit about the subject.

I was simply attempting to point out that there must be something special about
Russian and Iranian caviar, if people pay that kind of money for it; and that the
resulting worldwide demand for it is what is causing the threats to the various
sturgeon species. I enjoy pan fried shad roe on the rare occasions when I happen
to be in the northeast during shad roe season - but it never occurred to me that
these fish eggs have anything whatever to do with fine caviar from sturgeon
caught in the Caspian Sea.

And by the way, I used $40/oz. just as an example.

If you punch up Seattle Caviar Company at
you'll see that they list various caviars as follows:

Iranian Beluga $96/oz.
Russian Beluga $85/oz.
Iranian Osetra $68/oz.
Russian Osetra $60/oz.,
Irania Sevruga $48/oz.
Russian Sevruga $45/oz.

Bob Sinclair
Santa Barbara CA

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Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 13:00:12 EDT
Subject: Re: NANFA-- RE: nanfa V1 #1375 - Fish eggs vs. Caviar

In a message dated 8/17/02 9:03:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

< And if anyone has no idea what's the big attraction to eating caviar,
< I guess my best suggestion would be to spend the $40+ it costs to try
< just an ounce of the stuff. >>

If good caviar costs $40/oz I don't think it's likely I'll ever get a taste
for it. I feel about caviar the same I felt about coke the first time it was
offered to me. The guy told me it was better than sex and only costs $100 for
a few grams. My cost per thrill warning went off immediately. I told him I
didn't think I wanted try any thing that was better than sex and cost more
money than I could afford. Probably saved my life as well as thousands of


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