Re: NANFA-- how to remove a fish hook - from yourself
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 00:21:18 EDT

At one time I was an avid pier fisherman. Sometimes hundreds of people would
lined up shoulder to shoulder using lures called "gotcha's" Mostly just a
heavy lure with two treble hooks, people throw them with a frenzy when
Spanish mackerel or blue fish are running. The only this worse than hooking
yourself is hooking an innocent by stander or even worse a child. Due to the
way the lure is fished it seems especially easy to hook people, sometimes
with both treble hooks entering the body part from different directions. I've
seen more than a dozen people foul hooked in just a few hours of fishing.
Mean things to get out, especially with a crying child and screaming mother
and maybe an irate dad just to make it interesting. And to think we often
leave hooks in a fish that gets away or is hooked too deep to remove the
hook! I have started to use hooks that rust easy to at least allay my guilt
about possibly loosing a lure or a hook in a fish. One good thing I've found
from using hooks that rust easily is that such hooks are sharper and stronger
than the soft but last forever stainless steel hooks so popular in salt
water. I have had small sharks straighten out very large stainless hooks but
the hard steel hooks even when small will not bend but once in a long while
one might break. I just store the hard steel hooks in WD40 and they last just
as long as regular stainless hooks but still rust quickly when left in the
water or in a fish.

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