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R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 22:52:35 -0500

Hey all,
Here is what you missed out on back in July. The Central Wisconsin Aquarium
Society had its collecting trip and I guided. Robin Kurth was nice enough to
forward this so I didn't have to retype his article from the newletter.


Collecting Trip, July 2002
By Robin Kurth

We met at Brian Aschebrooks as planned, around 9am. Bill and myself
car-pooled in my van. The other Hearty Souls in attendance were, of course
Amy & Brian Aschebrook, Jeff Stuebs and part of his crew, Eric Niffenegger,
Jerry, and of course our Leader Ray Wolff.

I brought my digital camera along, we assembled for a few group picture.
They didnt turn out for some reason. Maybe it was Gods way of sparing the
rest of you. Maybe it was just the law of the universe. But the other
picture I took did turn out. I will try to email them to some of you. And we
will see about having Barry get them on the Website.

Got some good shots of Jeffs Kids enjoying themselves. And a few for the

If you asked me how to get to where we went, I would have to refer you to
Ray, as all I did was follow the car in front of me.

We went first to the Cranberry bogs. The canals reminded me of Florida,
actually the whole area reminded me of Florida, but alas, no Oscars! We did
how ever get some different minnows, baby Bullheads, And I think some were
getting some Sunfish. My luck with any kind of fishing has always been,
so-so. I usually have to rely on the generosity of others, as they seem to
always catch a lot!

Then we moved to an area fairly close by, near a large wildlife preserve.
Stopped on a dirt road, and seemed to be catching a lot of Sticklebacks, and
other minnows in what seemed to be thin warm mud. Of course when I got my
Sticklebacks home and put them in water, that was clear they died the next
day. This area also reminded me of Florida. Heat, Humidity, and Bugs!

The last place we stopped was a park near Richfield, I think. It had this
neat dam, and a fast rocky habitat below. It wasnt really to fast or
furious to walk around, try for Darters. Some of us did catch some; I think
I caught a female darter. Brian was catching allot of Green Sunfish and was
kind enough to give 6 or 8. Now there guys I like!! Ray says they are more
aggressive than many other Sunfish species. All I know as they started to
eat pellets and flakes the day after I put them in their own 33-gallon tank.
I guess I liked them the most as they look and act like Cichlids.

It was a good time, and if were one of the many who missed this, try to make
it next year.

We started to pack up and head for home around 3pm. So it doesnt take up
the whole day. There is a world of beautiful fish right here in our own back
yard. And when you can catch fish that look and act like Cichlids, what more
can you ask for??

We that attended owe Ray Wolff a hearty thanks! I hope that we see more of
you next year. Actually this was a good turnout, as we didnt have some of
the usual members that had been along in the past, but had some new members
this year. So next year should be even better.
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