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<< Sorry, Moon. I wrote that e-mail before my morning coffee set in. I was
referring to you, for you are, indeed, a member in *very* good standing. I
was trying to speak directly to the many list members who are not
members of NANFA, and the way I worded my message made it sound
like I was addressing you directly. My apologies.
No problem, but you do make a good point. I am consistently recruiting people
to NANFA. Every fish list I am on I take every opportunity to get people to
check us out and to join. Of course it would be easier to get people to join
if I could regale them with stories of how i got my shovelnose sturgeons
because i was a member and another member got them for me but since I don't
have any shovelnose, just kidding ;-) I think a lot of people want to get
native fish but not by getting out there and collecting. they are looking for
someplace they can buy and don't have as much love and concern for the
environment as we do. For most of us getting the fish is secondary to the
enjoyment of the streams and the satisfaction we get from making a difference.

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