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Brian Haas (
Thu, 22 Aug 2002 13:54:46 -0500

At 09:57 PM 8/19/02, John Bongiovanni wrote:
>speaking of an algae filter... I was just wondering what would happen
>if you packed barley straw in your canister filter to control algae?
>Any thoughts? Barley straw is supposed to have strong anti - algal

John -

I don't see why it _wouldn't_ work. In fact, the commercial aquarium
supply industry has finally caught on to the benefits of barley straw.
Excerpted from the Aug. 2002 issue of FAMA, pg. 200:

A careful and gentle way of combatting such [algae] growth can be done
by using the Dupla Algo-Control Delta apparatus. A reactor, which can be
mounted either in or outside the aquarium, contains fermented barley straw.
This releases lignin into the water which obtructs cell division in lower
plants (such as algae) without impacting higher plants.
One filling will last about three months and can handle aquariums of
up to 250 liters. Replenishment of supply is done using the Dupla Algo
Pack Delta . It is important to remove as many algae as possible prior to
its application, since algae are only reduced in their growth, not entirely
killed off. This method is most successful with single-cell algae, such as
floating and smear algae, but growth is also distinctly reduced in brush
and beard algae.
For further information, contact: Hawaiian Marine Imports, Inc., 1998
Afton St., Houston TX 77055-2204, (800)993-4346

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Dupla or Hawaiian Marine Imports.
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