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Jeffrey Fullerton (
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 15:09:07 -0400

Moon, you are almost on the money. The article suggests the kick in time for the phenomenom could be as fast as 10 years! But I'm a bit skeptical of that. The "climatic optimum" of the Middle
Ages was significantly warmer than now and it lasted several centuries until the advent of the Little Ice Age.

As for relief from the summer heatwave in PA that Lee Harper is begging for we had a pretty good storm last night that refilled the rain barrel at my greenhouse and thunder is rumbling again
off toward Latrobe and Greensburg. Have to get up there and drain the barrel off again. I'm using it to top off the small pond inside the greenhouse which is home to some Eastern Starheads
and that batch of Coastal Shiners from Dustin - which were supposed to be Taillights. Too bad because they have been breeding prolifically and surprisingly the fry are surviving in the
presence of the top water dwelling Killies. If they were Taillight Shiners I'd have it made!

As you have probably figured by now I'm not so crazy about Coastals but my success with them in this small 6 foot wide pond is encouraging. In the future I am hoping to repeat this success
with either Taillights or more likely the Sailfin Shiner.

I haven't measured the temperature yet but the pond feels rather cool, almost chilly when I wade it- even when the greenhouse temperature is pushing the C-mark! Cool water may be the secret
to getting southern shiners to spawn over a more extended period. Now we'll see if the influx of large amounts of rainwater will have any stimulating effects as well.

Too bad we didn't get this year's weather last summer- I might even have finished my greenhouse before winter if the frequent rains did not delay me, not to mention make it impossible to get
a cement truck up to the site. Of course the up side of wetter summers is that the water level in the ponds stays up and I don't have to worry about loosing water when I run the waterfalls.

Storm getting closer. Better send this and take care of business outside while I can.

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