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Jeffrey Fullerton (
Sun, 25 Aug 2002 14:12:54 -0400

> Well since you've explained how the past century of data (in lieu of the increased
> combustion without well, old growth forests in the east) is negligable compared
> to the microcosom of 'some summer in the 1800's', perhaps you can give an even
> more accurate explination of how we went from 'Industry's man on the Inside' to
> 'Global Warming'?
That's Global Cooling cause by Global Warming.
The article from Discover probably would make a much better follow up
for the one in AC about the speculations of the impact of a warming
climate on trout populations. It would certainly change the outcome,
possibly in favor of the trout since it would cancel out - for maybe a
few hundred years the predicted effects of a warming climate.
Then again the predictions of a cooling episode may not pan out anytime
soon. This could be a man made phenomenom but it did happen several
times before since the end of the last glacial maximum and much of that
time humans had no civilization to speak of. Also the climatic optimum
of the Middle Ages lasted a good many centuries before the Little Ice
Age set things back.

The point is : nothing stays the same and circumstances will force us to
take necessary actions to adapt. If it gets colder, we'll throw another
log on the fire.

One more recent revelation : North America is actually consuming more
CO2 than it is putting out and that will probably remain the case for
the course of the next century or so. Changes in land use- lots of
abandoned farm land in the east is reverting back to forest and that;s
about the time it will take for the trees to grow to maturity.

This is the case with many properties in western PA including my own-
which I have watched transform over the course my short time on Earth.


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