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<< But what's up with this black
helicopter at night doodah? Somebody's weaving in some very twisted modern
paranoia. If Agent Mulder is on this list, could he explain it for us? >>

Though not an Agent, near as I can figure, it is usually a fringe group,
highly paranoid about the government that talks about black helicopters. I
ran in to one in a small town in southern Indiana several years ago. He
claimed Black Helicopters were flying over Indianapolis at night taking
photographs. He didn't have an answer of what they were taking photographs
of or why. But he was sure they were doing and for some evil reason. I also
asked if someone wanted to take surreptitious photographs, why wouldn't they
use a normally seen news or Life Line helicopter and do it during they day -
you'd get better pictures, too. No answer for that, either. He didn't seem
to want to talk to me any more.

On the other hand, a friend of mine in the National Guard flies Black
Helicopters. I've seen cockpit video of what he (the pilot) sees using FLIR
(Forward Looking Infa-Red). <A HREF="">
FLIR forward looking infared images</A> Very cool; very similar to the scene
in the movie "Patriot Games." He used it assisting Border Patrol catching
illegal aliens and other law enforcement interdicting drug runners.

In normal military training and practice exercises they fly and hover low and
without lights in remote areas at night. Just like combat and scout
helicopters would do in a real war. They sometimes use civilian locations to
"stalk." If you are one of their targets, you aren't going to see them or
even hear them. With their tactics, optics and night vision, they can see
you though.

My theory: if you are out in the middle of nowhere camping (or what ever) and
some Black Helicopter that is stalking someone else 5 miles away comes
hovering coincidentally in your have a true Black
Helicopter story! Ego and paranoia causes some folks to spin the story in to
amazing things.
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