Re: NANFA-- Electric Fences
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 10:20:40 EDT

i had to install an electric fence around a small preformed plastic 100
gallon or more pool. i had some nice vegetation florishing in the pool and
was getting it ready to put some florida fish in... in hopes of breeding.
fundulas cingulatus or golden topminnows. well the neighbor's dog decided it
was an excellent place to cool off and waller in. all the plants were
uprooted and a nasty, oily film was on the waters surface. i bought a $50
electric fence kit ( device, wire, ground stake, insulatators ). i had jamie
post hole some 4 x 4's in the ground and rig it up. it took a couple of days
to get the nerve to test it. :) i reckon ive tested it about 5 or 6 times now
intentionally. no suprise shocks yet... which are the worse. my first
experience w/ an electric fence was as a young man waiting on the bus after
we had moved to chattanooga from chicago. the bus picked us up early in the
morning next to a house that had hoses next to it. somehow i leaned against
the wire and the next thing i knew i was looking up at the blue sky and my
school papers were fluttering down around me. :)
my brother did not believe me so after a few days he got the nerve to touch
the wire w/ a green leave. he ran around the yard holding his finger for a
few seconds. it shocks at different degrees. a quick swipe may not get you.
it sends out pulses that seem to increase if you maintain contact. once i was
wearing wet sandals and touched the wire solid... i felt it deep in my big
toe... yeow!
we've heard dogs howling at night and i saw a couple small ones richocheting
between the pool and wires one day. man were they were bouncing off those
wires! i havent seen any dogs anywhere for a few weeks now. they must be
scarred to get near my yard. something bad, very bad is over there they
the film in the pool did not leave, the water turned dark and a few test fish
died. im thinking the dogs had some kind of flea or tick medicine on them. i
had to drain the pool and flush the gravel w/ a few rinsings. just now have i
finally got the pool ready for some special fish. but now the squirrels are
dropping pine cone clippings in! but maybe that will make the water softer,
more acidic for these florida fish.
my desire is to take down the unsightly fence in a few weeks... perhaps after
it cools down.
i wish those dogs had a nice place to cool off in and they were welcome
guests. but fish come first!
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