Re: NANFA-- NYTimes - now snakehead...yet again!

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 23:16:54 -0500

> for a couple of weeks, then the bowfin grew tired of his counterpart and
> attacked him by biting the snakehead in the head and violently shaking
> thereby beating the hell out of it and killing it. They were about the
> size and he had them in a 125 if I remember correctly. How's that for a
> story for the bar? Hooray for the good guy!


I have had similar experiences with bowfin in the past. The only fish that
ever remained buddy buddy was a small yellow bullhead. Its name was spike.
This little 'head could have easily been a meal for JawsII ( the bowfin),
but he never ( it was a he) even nipped at spike. The green sunfish I tried
from time to time eventually all met the same fate, they were scaled and
definned. One large nice green lasted several months. Which reminds me of
the bowfin / green combo in the biology tank in high school. There was those
two, and a big bullhead that would eat so much while not leaving its ceramic
log it could no longer leave it if it wanted too. Anyways, the green got
uppity and took the same liberties with the bowfin as mine had with greens
so many times before. But, lets hope the bowfin wins the bouts with the
snakeheads everytime, I guess, unless, they are playing as visitor in Asia.
Then maybe the snakeheads could be allowed to win that game.

Rootin' for Bowfin
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