NANFA-- Clove Oil Anesthetic

Bob Culler (
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 16:11:19 -0400

Hi all,

About a month ago, there was a thread on using clove oil as a fish
anesthetic. Well, I tried it today and it worked wonderfully. I was able to
anesthetize a northern hogsucker and a silver redhorse with the stuff.

From the sites Jan provided, I decided to try 25 ppm as the dose. Mixed
3.7 ml clove oil with 38.8 ml water for a stock solution. One ml of the
stock solution per gallon of tank water gives 25 ppm clove oil in the tank.

Within 5 minutes of adding the correct dose, both fish were lying on their
sides. I removed the hogsucker after 5 minutes and allowed it recover in a
clean tank, took about 5 minutes. The redhorse stayed in for 8 minutes and
took about 8-10 minutes to recover.

This will probably come in handy for things like removing parasites, etc.
from aquarium fish.

Thanks, Jan, for posting the references!

Ranger Bob
Kingsport, TN

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