NANFA-- Bad Fish Food

Mark (
Mon, 4 Aug 2003 21:23:25 -0400

I was talking to an aquarist once who told this horror story:

He fed freeze-dried bloodworms to his many tanks of angelfish one
evening. When He checked on the fish later, they were all dead.

I feed freeze-dried bloodworms routinely. Never had any problems. I
guess you can get a bad batch of feed from the supplier sometimes.
If I have any doubts, I throw it out. I used to feed it to my
mealworms, but I gave those up after I became allergic to them. I
think you can get a good indication of quality by smelling the feed.
If your learn what it's supposed to smell like, you can tell when
it's off. Though I can't do that with freezed dried foods anymore
until I learn how to detect the changes while sniffing it through a
respirator cartridge. If I inhale the stuff, I go into sneezing fits
and even have pain in my lungs. Didn't used to have that. Developed
a sensitivity from long term exposure.

Frozen foods can be really iffy. If they look mishapen or show signs
of having been thawed, I pass over them. Now a days, you have to
take your own cooler to the shop. They don't even wrap it in
newspapers for you any more. Just one more casualty of the corner
pet shop getting swallowed up by the bigger fish.

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